Yuji Tomizawa

Instructor Profile

  • Born in Gunma-prefecture in February 1973.
  • Visiting professor at Nippon institute of technology, Graduate school for management of technology.
  • Holds B.A. in economics from Aoyama Gakuin University.
  • USCPA Examination passed & IT Strategist (Japan).
  • As a sales director of semiconductors at the European branch of SanyoElectric Co., Ltd, he engaged in not only sales activities but also accounting, IT, and human resources management.
  • At Industrial Growth Platform, Inc, he engaged in investment for the green energy industry, developed a business plan for high-tech manufacturing companies and conducted management consulting for administrative improvement.
  • At Mabuchi Motor Co., Ltd, as a business development manager of the sales department, he engaged in developing new business strategies, forming sales plans, and developing human resources.
  • After Mabuchi Motor Co. Ltd, he joined Precena Strategic Partners.

Credentials and Teaching Philosophy

  • He teaches logical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and presentation skills to a wide range of people, from young professionals to executives of global companies.
  • His proven method, based on solid executive and consulting experience, has built a high reputation.

Passion for Business Skills and Human Resources Development

Trying to justify an improvable situation is fatal in our rapidly changing world. You must have the right thought pattern to determine whether or not a certain course of action is right. Moreover, the need for corporate alliance has grown due to globalization, which means that improving the communication skills of employees is urgent. As an ex-director of an international branch and an ex-manager of a business development department, I would like to contribute to the broadening of my clients’ horizons from the perspective of developing human resources.

Class Policy

In the Precena business skills class, there are three objectives;
First, students will make inherent the skills that are taught during class.
Second, students will increase overall awareness of their task.
Third, a sense of camaraderie will be cultivated between each student in class.
I will involve my students in class with passion and logic so that the three objectives above can be achieved at a high level.