Business Skills Assessment

Our “Business Skills Assessment” measures and analyzes each individual’s skill level. In the same way with our training program, we conduct an assessment with a focus on Precena’s business skills and provide assessment products that can be utilized for hiring, training, and ability rating.

There are various types of assessment tools that will be used toward this purpose — practical tests that link directly to daily tasks, surveys to measure the level of basic knowledge acquisition, and evaluations to measure each individual’s behavior characteristics. We sort metrics into the following 4 layers: output, knowledge, business skills, and thought pattern.

The important metric for hiring is thought pattern, which measures how well each applicant can think as a businessperson with the same values that your company has. It is needless to say that a lot of companies introduce assessment for behavioral characteristics during employment exams, but as the demand for skilled professionals increases, more and more companies have realized the advantage of using Precena’s business skills.


Additionally, assessment that measures how much knowledge and skills each employee has acquired plays an important role in training. Precena’s assessment is compatible with its training system and quantitatively measures the areas where employees can improve upon.

As for ability rating, we measure whether a person thinks and acts as befitting an executive. Similar to a 360 degree evaluation, we can determine if they are valued by their group and if they have the requisite knowledge for their business operation. Some companies focus only on measuring the skills of younger employees, but Precena believes everyone is able to improve.

Our Business Skills Assessment enables our clients to both objectively and quantitatively measure thought patterns based on logical thinking and problem-solving. Many companies have benefitted greatly from using Precena’s business skills in hiring and training.