Our Edge

Where and what needs to be improved is clear because the skills required for the job is systemized. PBSA is a new assessment tool useful for professionals at the human resources department and also for trainees. Below are the 4 edges of our assessment tool.


1) Can understand precisely where and what needs to be improved

PBSA is designed in a way that shows one’s level of understanding of the specific skill based on the systemized learning points that comprise the skill.

2) Can effectively acquire the skill in combination with the training program

Effective composite training program can be designed such as conducting the PBSA before the training program, having the training program based on the PBSA results, and finally conducting the PBSA after the training program to evaluate the level of understanding.

3) Can customize PBSA for catering to detailed needs

Service options are available based on the detailed needs, such as provision of detailed feedback to trainees, to develop a customized assessment taking into account the customer’s specific requisites.

4) Credible content backed by results

Contents are based on years of usage results by major companies in Japan including Toyota Motors.