Teaching Material Development and Instructor Training


We develop completely customized teaching materials and programs designed to train your company’s in-house instructors. Based on the agenda that each client has for management and human resources development, we create content that matches their need the best. The normal development period is six months, with 2-3 meetings per month. First, we create the “learning points,” (the framework for developing teaching materials) through discussion with both our instructors and clients. Instead of “understanding in vague way, and practicing until it becomes automatic”, we put the focus on “thoroughly understanding through verbalization”. Therefore, our instructors need to have a concrete idea of “what their client’s agenda is” and “what they should focus on when teaching their clients”.
After confirming the “learning points,” the next step is “situation layout”: constructing the framework of the case study such as “who the main character is, what type of job they have, what their skill levels are, what type of people are around them, and what type of incidents occur.” The type of main character and business content need to precisely match each participant of the training program.
After creating a case which includes the “learning points” based on the “situation layout”, we conduct “practice layout”. In this phase, we put such necessary information as what type of practice instruction we give, what type of answers we lead to, and what type of explanation we give during the presentation. Finally, we create a timetable that allocates the flow of training and “teaching notes,” which outlines how to facilitate the lectures.
Regarding the training of instructors, we design a training program that provides each candidate with the following three points: “understanding materials”, “instructor skills”, and “practical business feeling.” We also conduct role-play simulations wherein our instructors participate as students, and by doing so provide hands-on experience for the in-house training program.