Toyota Motor Corporation

How has Toyota benefitted from Precena’s development program for instructors-in-training?

The program that Precena offers is targeted towards 4th year staff. They are made aware of the level of tasks that are demanded of young professionals. The course materials and cases, which define and describe the problem-solving steps, add incredible value to these professionals’ skillsets. They are also used at Toyota’s international branches so that foreign staff can understand Toyota’s problem-solving methodology as well. Although the basic structure of Toyota’s problem-solving is well-established, Precena provides the tools to keep business thought patterns sharp and up-to-date. Moreover, because the Toyota coaching culture is that senior employees coach junior employees daily, Precena trains a diverse class of professionals as advisors (senior employees) to make sure the entire company maintains the business skills required.

What do you usually demand of your consulting partners?

Toyota’s problem-solving is the very essence of how Toyota has gotten to where it is today, and we need to standardize and structure our company values to be shared with all employees. We expect our partners to value high-performance and positive attitude in the endeavor to accomplish such a mission. We consider the following three abilities as critical: the ability to verbalize an ambiguous concept, the ability to structure the steps of both tasks and ideas, and the ability to foresee real-life scenarios that Toyota will face. Toyota is all about the active seeking of self-improvement, and we expect the same of our partners.

(Interview Date:5/16/2008)