Our Edge

1) What really is the issue in your company? This is our starting point for discussing the training.

Have you experienced changing training vendors periodically but none seems to match the specific agenda that the company is facing? Although the instruction that needs to be taught to staffs is by definition “staff development”, it is truly difficult to take on this challenge. The reason for this is that if the company strategy, environment surrounding the company, the industry practice, and or company culture is different, what needs to be taught to the staff is also bound to be different. Rather, it is rare to find an already existing training service that perfectly matches the training needs of the company. Through our training material development services, we will consult and to develop a suitable training program that effectively develops your staff in the way required by our company, taking into account the overall strategy of your company and the environment it faces.

2) All trainees will be intensely interested in the case studies based on their own company issues and the eye openers they provide

After defining “what needs to be taught”, training materials will be developed. Experienced consultants and business professionals will form a team to conduct hearings about the actual work situations to develop a case study that suits the actual challenges faced by the company and staff. This will enable the trainees to relate and fully understand the case at hand and thus providing a significant difference in the learning experience compared to training that utilize set training materials. The efficiency of the learning process and the image of actually utilizing the skills learned is greatly enhanced.

3) Learning from senior associates is much more effective than learning from external instructors. We will teach the senior associates.

“Training is training, work is work”. As many people feel this way, solving this problem is an agenda shared by human resources development professionals. One reason behind this way of thinking is due to the “limitations of external instructors”. External instructors are experts at teaching. For better or for worse, their teaching skill is very high. As a result, while some trainees “fully understand” the training content, many others experience “the feeling of understanding” without really understanding the content. This is why we recommend training in-house trainers. In-house trainers are senior associates in the company. When staff members learn from their senior associates, they learn the content as “part of their job”, which enhances the learning experience. We provide detailed and easy-to-understand guidance to senior associates without any professional teaching experience to reach a level where they can effectively coach their junior staff members. Developing the instruction skills of senior associates also develops the skills of junior associates through both the training program and through the daily guidance provided. Through this method, a mid to long term benevolent cycle of human resource development can be established.