Business model

Purpose for the training

The structure to stabilize and continue the business is the business model. In this training, trainees can learn 2 important points for making business models, “stable customer base” and “structure for offering value”. Through the training, trainees go through the process of connecting their own idea to actual business, and set up a structure to stabilize existing businesses.

Characteristics of the training

First of all, trainees will learn what a business model is, and then learn the necessary factors to set up a business model.
To understand each factor, trainees will learn through case studies and can have image how to use it on their actual work.

Overall image of the class

Title – Number of Times Content Positioning Target Learning Time Cost
Business model
  1. Business model
Trainees will learn how to set up customer base and structure of offering value to sustain business. 3 hours 4,000Yen
Business model
3 times
  1. Business model
  2. How to make sales estimation
  3. How to make cost estimation
On top of customer base and structure of offering value, trainees will learn how to check profit of business. 6 hours 12,000Yen
Including marketing
7 times
  1. Marketing strategy
  2. Introduction of marketing mix & Product
  3. Price
  4. Place & Promotion
  5. Business model
  6. How to make sales estimation
  7. How to make cost estimation
Trainees will learn both marketing theory how to understand customer needs and compete with competitors, and how to continue business. 12 hours 28,000Yen