Problem Solving

Objective of the Training Course

The key to strengthening problem solving ability is understanding and following the problem solving “procedure.” Its principle is to find out “where” the problem is, “why” the problem is occurring, and “how” it can be solved. By understanding this procedure and how to effectively conduct each step, one can master the efficient way of conducting work, which is sought in every workplace.

Features of the Training Course

The training will first consider a usual topic of “what should we do to tackle loss of sales?” to understand the three-step procedure of problem solving and also realize your own thinking pattern acquired over the years. After such realization, you will experience solving a problem first hand using a case study.

Outline of Training Course

Title – Number of Times Content Positioning Target Learning Time Cost
Logical thinking course previously taken
4 times
  1. Introduction of problem solving
  2. Where
  3. Why
  4. How
For those who have issues in the way of doing business though they acquired logical thinking skill and their thinking abilities are high. 4 hours 16,000Yen
Standard problem solving course
5 times
  1. Introduction of problem solving
  2. Where
  3. Why
  4. How
  5. Business case
Standard course in which a business case is addressed.
For those who want to learn problem solving.
6 hours 20,000Yen
Logical thinking
emphasis course
8 times
  1. Structuring information
  2. Summarizing, reasoning, covering
  3. Pyramid Stracture
  4. Introduction of problem solving
  5. Where
  6. Why
  7. How
  8. Business case
Course for beginners.For those who desire to learn both of logical thinking and problem solving. 10 hours 32,000Yen