Problem solving / presentation course

Purpose for the training

It is difficult to solve business problems by yourself, so we need cooperation from the relevant people.
To get it, trainees need to learn not only problem solving skills to prepare effective and efficient solutions, but they also learn how to make explanation materials in an easy-to-understand way to get cooperation.

Characteristic of the class

First of all, trainees will learn logical thinking and problem solving through web learning, and then consider their own work’s problem solving as a pre-assignment before the classroom training. In the classroom training, trainees will review and discuss their own work in each group to consider the issues with from a wider viewpoint.
Trainees will then make presentation materials after learning how to make them and how to deliver their proposal for solving problems through web learning, and receive the instructor’s feedback through e-mail communication. Lastly, in the second classroom training, trainees will give a presentation to relevant people, like top management, about their proposal.

Overall image of the class