Leading retail group A “Inter-group business school”

Issues faced by the client

Client A runs its own business school for employees of the company and the group as a whole, in which a variety of training courses are offered in accordance with functions and career paths. In addition to the acquisition of practical knowledge and skills necessary to carry out responsibilities, each course provides an opportunity where employees can and are encouraged to apply acquired skills to issues faced at their workplace. In the past, however, such purpose of the course had not been achieved and there was criticism that countermeasures were too shallow and to judge if solutions were effective to solve issues. Therefore, problem solving skills training was introduced into this management skills program so that knowledge and skills learned at other training were utilized to find solutions effectively and efficiently. Nonetheless, since trainees traveled to headquarters from various locations nationwide, face-to-face training required travelling time and much expense. This was how PLS was implemented to acquire the basic skills of problem solving in advance, and then trainees would gather for face-to-face training to mutually check the progress of the problem solving process.

Implemented web-learning program and its results

Six sessions of problem solving PLS were offered with an opening message stating that this web-learning was an integral part of the “company business school” so that trainees were motivated to make the most use of problem solving skills in the output presented at the end of the course. After learning PLS, trainees worked on a post-assignment before the face-to-face training to review the progress of the final output. In addition to the check by instructors about how assignments were logically considered, trainees reviewed each other from the perspective of effectiveness of their solutions, which improved the overall quality of their output. Having acquired and retained the knowledge and skills applicable to actual work, trainees were able to propose convincing and meaningful solutions to issues at the end of the course.