Machinery manufacturer C “Promotion assessment for managers”

Issues faced by the client

Due to strong influence of the founder at client C, many employees were good at carrying out actions instructed from top-down, but the management and the HR division recognized the issue that there was room for improvement in the business skills of employees to consider actions proactively. Therefore, client C decided to change its HR structure drastically by introducing Precena’s thinking ability assessment, through which employee were tested and the ones who record a sufficient level of scores could only be promoted to managers. On the other hand, this thinking ability assessment was not designed to screen out but to encourage management candidates to study and learn the skills. In order to achieve that purpose, PLS has been offered to more than 300 employees annually not only in Japan but also overseas to prepare for the assessment.

Implemented web-learning program and its results

Eight sessions of logical thinking and problem solving PLS were implemented with an opening message underpinning that this web-learning was a preparation for “promotion assessment” so that trainees were motivated to plan their study. Also, a business case study had been used in the problem solving session to broaden the scope of study to include problem solving of corporate issues as well as basic learning of the skills. When two PLS assessment tests, one in interim and one at the end of the course were taken by trainees as a comprehension check, the outcome was so superb that employees who continuously and periodically studied PLS achieved a big improvement in their scores, and more importantly, in their thinking ability.
Having studied PLS and reviewed the contents again and again when tackling pre-assignments, most trainees learned the skills in depth and the quality of their output were maintained at a high level when instructors gave feedback on their work of own task problem solving during the post-promotion training.
Since the second year after the initial introduction of PLS, the web-learning has been offered to all employees who wish to take the course as semi-annual distance learning problem and the scope of trainees has been widened to include employees at group companies.