We would like to introduce our major achievement of service. We, as a training company, are receiving high evaluation for our service, planning outsource business, business skill training business and assessment business from various companies from venture companies to major companies. For business skill training business, we have strong competitiveness in many subjects like logical thinking, logical writing, problem solving and presentation for various layers of trainees, and have many achievements with high evaluation.

Development of teaching materials and training of in-house instructor

We are supporting clients for developing training materials that will be used in their internal training, and instructors who are employees of the clients and will be their in-house trainers. One of the examples is TOYOTA. We support for making their problem solving training materials and also developing in-house trainers to conducting the internal training.


Major Achievements
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Business Skills Training

For one day training, we are conducting logical presentation, logical writing, self-management, logical thinking training and so on for various type of trainees like new and young layer, selected trainees and applicant trainees.
For two day training, we conduct logical thinking, writing, presentation and problem solving training etc., for various layers of trainees.
Also we conduct MBA type, workshop type training for higher experience levels like executive layer, future executives and leaders.
All of our training have many achievement with high evaluation from client companies.


Major Achievements
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